About Us

I am a retired Engineer that was always involved with designing creative and innovative products and obtaining many US patents. Now being retired I also spend more time with my grandchildren, sharing my “life experience” and having fun with them. …and continue noticing the fact they spend too much time on their cell phones and other digital games. I am always trying to spend quality and valued time with them, together playing sport games, creating small projects in my work shop located in my basement and playing educational games. One day my grandchild asked me to play with him the basic Rummy card game. I was surprised, but I noticed that he liked the fun and excitement of this card game. He enjoyed it so much he invited his sister who liked it as well. I moved along with their request as I like always to share fun and excitement with my grandchildren and at the same time take them away from the cell phones… But, I was not excited about the fact that this game did not introduce a meaningful educational element in it. That is when I came up with this idea to introduce and embed into the basic Rummy card game a meaningful educational element. I patented this idea and at the same time created a prototype. It was a hit among my grandchildren. While playing the game it triggered and generated different discussions as they were observing the many pictures which are part of the educational elements embedded on the cards. Mission accomplished. Now I would love also to share with you this educational and fun card game so your kids can play it! Please support us in so your kids and many other kids could benefit from it!

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