Yes, as it incorporates the regular numbered cards (2 to 10), face cards (Jack, Queen and King), Ace and Joker. It also has the standard four “suits” symbols, namely, the Heart, Diamond, Spade and Club.
No, it refers only to twelve out of the 50 USA states. Other packages will be introduced in the future to include the other USA states, 12 new states per package. Different packages (with different set of 12 USA states), could be combined together in order to play (as done with different packages of standard cards)

Once we raise the money in kickstarter we will start working on the other card packages….

Yes, the four “suits” symbols remain the same, namely, the Heart, Diamond, Spade and Club.

Each one of the suits symbol associates with an information related to a USA State:

Heart=The State name, Diamond=The State Capital, Spade=The State Bird and Club= The State nick name.

A series is created the same way as in the standard Rummy card game. A user can collect cards related to a state (each state has a unique number) and /or series of cards having all identical “suit” (symbol) with numbers that sequentially increase or decrease.

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